Monday, Post 183. Last Post of the Daily Log. 03/29/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

This is post 183 – For 183 days I have been keeping this log as  a way to record my days in transition, Half a year ago I was in Laguna Beach facing the end of a life there, twenty-eight and a half years at 441 Anita Street, aka, theSHACK (as it had come to be known in terms of the photo studio it became at the end of its time for me). A place I began a painting career in 1982. This Daily Log accounted for my transition from 441 to who knew where as my business fell to a California Employment Statistic.

For 6 months I have been keeping this log and it has seen me sell possessions to get some cash, give much away, move my belongings into a storage unit and my body into my best friend’s spare bedroom. The Log tracked the raising of capital through the internet and private appeals for my journey to Israel in continuing my mission to reveal the value of the arts as used in consecrated spaces: and argue for the consecrated space, both building and heart. This log has followed me through Jerusalem in the Old City for 30 days, where God’s hand moved me to the most amazing discoveries that have changed my perceptions. It then followed me through the United States for a month as I continued this pursuit in NYC and Chicago ending in Steamboat Colorado where I was privileged to witness Finn Davies Fincher, new to this world, and to record his first few days for his parent’s keepsake and for him one day to see.

This log has also tracked my daily life here in California when nothing has taken place but the days of hours in front of my computer doing post on photos, and production of ideas that the photos will support.

But it has been a question I have asked continually: “Why am I keeping this Log?” It seems to me as I have settled here at Jack’s that my transition is no longer immediate and as a memoir goes, the crisis point has been documented.

A very few have told me they check in on the log and feel closer to me as a result of my posting it… but that is not enough for me to continue posting. We can always visit and I would prefer that face to face. The log has not offered me community as it has been mostly one sided. I prefer my community in the flesh.

I have decided to stop logging at this half-way point in the year from whence I started with post 183. Ironically it is the day I go to participate in a Passover Seder at my church: remembering the deliverance of the Jews from captivity in Egypt. This is something for me to think about as I am in the wilderness (hopefully less than 40 years, as I am afraid I will not live that long, but maybe I will). I am in an exodus of sorts and I wonder where God leads me. Have I been freed, or am I in the desert – it seems like the desert…

I have chosen to keep a different record. One that is more apropos to my mission. That will be a Blog: a Travel Blog/Log not unlike the Daily Log during my one-month travels in both Jerusalem and the USA. I will Launch this in the same format as the Daily Log come Thursday this week as I leave for New Mexico to document more of the Sacred found in consecrated space. It will be less about my daily day as a log and more about what God reveals as I continue to work my mission – for as long as I am graced to do so.

If anyone reading this is interested to follow the Travelogue, please let me know and I will send you the link.


The Daily Log:

Wake, turn on the computer and start the coffee brewing. Emails. Watch the last of Spartacus. Watch the promo for the Phase One workshop for 2010 and lament I haven’t $6000 to participate. Am amazed at the quality of image medium format delivers. Phase One is as good as it gets. The equipment is out of my income class.

Email the last Sponsors to make a choice before I leave for New Mexico.

Eat a hot dog sandwich but am afraid after eating it the hot dogs may have been too old. Not feeling to well.

Call my mom for a lunch date on Wednesday.

Go to Alex’s house to make the macaroons for Seder tonight.

Alex and I go to Seder Dinner at Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach.

Dinner is great, love the people. Macaroons are a hit.

Return to Alex’s house.

I see the rest of Alex’s photos from her trip to Thailand. Wish good thoughts for Alex and her new job.

Return to Jack’s – watch the recorded 24.

Jack sets me up for the Travelogue Blog site which will launch Wednesday as I write about my travels. This will replace my Daily Log and only carry posts from when I travel of the things I see and people I meet.

Two Sponsors make their choice under the wire so to speak as I can call in their order to LA as a last minute addition. I am relieved.

I realize this has been an umbilical cord to my past and cutting it truly puts me into a new direction. I am a bit sad. But I go forward.

Make my last entry to the Daily Log.

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Sunday, Post 182. Today is 03/28/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Emails/ Coffee/ Leave for church.

Return from church stopping to get ingredients for Macaroons (for tomorrow’s Passover Seder) and some frozen Vegetables at the market.

Heat up some of the Lasagna Annette had from the previous night.

Work more on Jerusalem Journal

Leave for BIO. We discuss the text of John 6: 25-40

Back at Jack’s


I see new photo posts are up at Church of the Atonement in Chicago, my Chicago home. (photo gallery is third from the top)


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5 Pages, 3 Miles, 30 pounds, UFC 111. Today is 03/27/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Emails/ Coffee/ Work on my Jerusalem Journal getting 5 pages further with 24 pages now completed.

At 2ish Jack and I go for a exercise walk. I strap on a 30-pound backpack and we walk the horse trails of Nellie Gail and up the back streets for 3 miles occasionally tossing the Frisbees.  Jack reminisces his childhood adventures identifying homes friends of his grew up in when he was a boy. We cover about 3 miles but it takes us two hours and I am beat.

We install his surround sound to his TV and purchase the UFC 111 fight where Frank Mir gets knocked out convincingly in the first round by Carwin, and GSP dominates Dan Hardy.





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A Deep Day. Today is 03/26/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Emails/ Coffee/ Laundry.

Watch a TED talk -  Shekhar Kapur (a master story teller) : We are the stories we tell ourselves.

More about Shekhar Kapur and then I read his post on Failure - afterward I relate to his method. I think about my travels and how I set up my shoots with the absolute unknown as a means to rob myself of repetition (which is too easy to do, repeat shots in formula, and too easy to look for and see the same things in many of the churches I encounter: it is hard for me to see with virgin eyes, and experience life with the way of a child, unless I approach each trip, each place, each church, each person, as if I am only seeing them for the first time and catch the unexpected). Yes there is anxiety, but that is the tension that keeps the rope I walk taught and my senses heightened.

Last addresses for shipping sponsor prints trickle in. Update the management documents.

Watch an Onion and laugh (not to the point of tears rolling down my face, but I do laugh).

Write Letters to Sponsors for delivery.

Jack and I work out and talk deep subjects of religion while doing cardio. Talks continue back to the house and in prepping dinner – much focus on making conscious choices to one’s betterment and the betterment of others vs escape and filling time with distractions… Good talks.

Find out the Sunrise in Laguna that Little Church by the Sea has hosted in Irvine Bowl for the community will not take place this year due to budget restrictions. Sad. Found out when I wrote to see if they wanted to use my banners again and how they could, though I would be out of state.

Finish emails and per request,  send a link to the  Mark Metherell Tribute to Cathleen as she finishes the writing of a new book about her coming to Laguna from Chicago. It was because of Mark that several of his friends moved to Laguna Beach from the Wheaten College area near Chicago. (Tribute was removed from online due to conflicts of copyright use with a Grateful Dead song). Cathleen comments that she has been spending time looking at my Tattoos at the Beach series online… I thought that was cool

I watch Marks tribute again and get choked up. It is hard not to. The man was deeply loved by so many.



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More Considerations. Today is 03/25/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Put titles to prints for signatures at the Lab for when I go to do the signatures.

Ask for shipping addresses from sponsors requiring shipping of their prints, updating management documents.

Watch the making of an audio bible that brings me to tears (found it in iTunes originally while hunting for aps for my iPhone – downloaded two Bible aps). It is the “making of” promo video: “The Bible Experience” put out by Zondervon  /

Looked up some Baal Shem Tov  and read a few archives.

Gym with Jack.

Dinner with Mike and Jack.

End day.

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