A Deep Day. Today is 03/26/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Emails/ Coffee/ Laundry.

Watch a TED talk -  Shekhar Kapur (a master story teller) : We are the stories we tell ourselves.

More about Shekhar Kapur and then I read his post on Failure - afterward I relate to his method. I think about my travels and how I set up my shoots with the absolute unknown as a means to rob myself of repetition (which is too easy to do, repeat shots in formula, and too easy to look for and see the same things in many of the churches I encounter: it is hard for me to see with virgin eyes, and experience life with the way of a child, unless I approach each trip, each place, each church, each person, as if I am only seeing them for the first time and catch the unexpected). Yes there is anxiety, but that is the tension that keeps the rope I walk taught and my senses heightened.

Last addresses for shipping sponsor prints trickle in. Update the management documents.

Watch an Onion and laugh (not to the point of tears rolling down my face, but I do laugh).

Write Letters to Sponsors for delivery.

Jack and I work out and talk deep subjects of religion while doing cardio. Talks continue back to the house and in prepping dinner – much focus on making conscious choices to one’s betterment and the betterment of others vs escape and filling time with distractions… Good talks.

Find out the Sunrise in Laguna that Little Church by the Sea has hosted in Irvine Bowl for the community will not take place this year due to budget restrictions. Sad. Found out when I wrote to see if they wanted to use my banners again and how they could, though I would be out of state.

Finish emails and per request,  send a link to the  Mark Metherell Tribute to Cathleen as she finishes the writing of a new book about her coming to Laguna from Chicago. It was because of Mark that several of his friends moved to Laguna Beach from the Wheaten College area near Chicago. (Tribute was removed from online due to conflicts of copyright use with a Grateful Dead song). Cathleen comments that she has been spending time looking at my Tattoos at the Beach series online… I thought that was cool

I watch Marks tribute again and get choked up. It is hard not to. The man was deeply loved by so many.



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