Accounting and Bills. Today is 03/24/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

It is a seemingly mundane day consisting of accounting and reconciling my bank balance with money at hand, bills, credit, etc., writing an expense report and a check of reimbursement, a trip to the UPS store to mail bills and a couple certified letters to the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board containing my 2009 tax return… Bank of America, Wells Fargo – repairing a set of checks with a wrong phone number, paying credit cards, etc., etc., etc.

Gary at PC Colour has my photo mounting instruction and Jack has sent me a link to watch new features in the new Photoshop due out in a couple weeks.

I hear from Dale by email and am introduced to Rachel – a 3 way email dialog begins concerning Yeshua and His divinity: the meaning, the reexamination.  A bright light goes on and the future looks clearer.

Jack and I go to the gym, make dinner, watch second episode of The Pacific.

Philip K writes in and I send him a few Rabbi Braun links to watch (and it looks like Braun just became Rabbi at Lincoln Square Synagogue in NYC).   And some more to listen to: More Rabbi Braun

Watch more CS5 videos.


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Work Gets Done. Today is 03/23/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Out of the gate I rocket through development of all the Jerusalem Ha-Kotel prayer photos for Jay G. and the Upper Room at Little Church by the Sea. I also develop the 11×14 that Jay was particularly fond of a one to be framed in Prayer Room by the door.

11×14 gets emailed to Gary at PC Colour.

Finally I manage the list of what prints are mounted and which are not, which are signed and not, which will be hand delivered and which will be shipped. Email the directions to PC Colour.

It doesn’t seem like much but it is a lot off my plate.


Jack and Annette are back from work, Jack and I take off on a Costco run.

We make dinner BBQing two whole chickens, a wild/brown rice mix and some saute’d French green beans while chatting around the BBG grill with Dos Equis, edamame, toasted rosemary olive bread with smoked cheddar… it is a night for food.

Look at links Shonnon sent me. Answer emails.

It has been a good work day (doing my work and meeting obligations).

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And It Gets More Interesting. Today is 03/22/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

I collect and copyright the photos for the Chicago churches (St. Michaels, and Assumption).

Read the following stats on the job attrition in California and it stuns me (I am one of those statistics)




Driving into Laguna Beach I stop at Little Church by the Sea and visit with Jay G. We talk a bit about my domestic trip and Finn and how Dale and Jonalyn are, and the talk settles eventually on Jerusalem. Before I leave he asks to pray over my time at lunch, that is be a blessing for Shonnon (I didn’t ask for it, Jay volunteered the prayer). Jay always blesses me. He is the Love Pastor.

Lunch with Shonnon and Donna at the rooftop of La Firenza Hotel; overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I am always amazed by the beauty of Laguna Beach

The conversation is good and ranges from mind set philosophy of living a creative and genuine life with integrity and goodness toward others, photography (Shonnon has made the dedicated step into the arts), levels of aesthetic merit and expression: Life, traveling the road in a van (LOL). Lunch lasts three and a half hours.

I stop on the way home at Barnes and Noble in Aliso and finish the accounting of my domestic trip receipts for FBA reimbursement.

Email these links to Shonnon as I promised at parting (and these sum up some of what we talked about)


Chase Jarvis


PDN Legends

Aperture Blind Spot



Magnum in Motion

James Nachtway

Phil Toledano

Chris Jordan

Misty Keasler

Taryn Simon Article & website


TED: happiness



Brian Storm

Lynda (for learning)

More Learning

Smart  Shooter


FOR fun

Spider Awards

Back at Jack’s I work with Media Temple Tech Support and fix my Daily Log so I can add the content for the past few days.

Jack and I have dinner and watch a disappointing 24.

Jack makes me a couple ringtones for my phone. Annette is playing her online game and I think feeling better.

I finish up some work and update the Daily Log.

It is eight minutes past midnight.

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Just When I Thought There was Nothing Interesting. Today is 03/21/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

The day starts with fixing the two files for the lab. They are corrected and zipped – upload the zip file so Gary can download and print on Monday.

There isn’t time to go to church, however, I will attend BIO tonight.

Try backing up files from the Daily Log but they will not download. Seems it is cursed. Maybe on Monday tech support can demystify what is occurring so I can stop thinking there is voodoo at play.

Jack makes breakfast – Annette does not have an appetite this morning.

We go to the store for food.

Review Daily Log and think – I wouldn’t read this, why am I posting? What good is keeping this record?

I sense the end of it sometime after returning from New Mexico…

Leave for BIO.

I arrive at the new location early – go into the hills to explore and have a memory of my past – not an actual memory but the feeling of childhood as if it were a memory – in other words, feelings of past memories were triggered around the unfamiliar and I was lost in some other era I never lived (but had a feeling of having experienced – not a déjà-vu – but a sense of nostalgia for something I never experienced, and in a weird way perhaps in a different country). I vow to bring the cameras next week and arrive earlier for further exploration.

BIO: it is good to see everyone again. At the end I bring up some of what I am struggling with in Christianity but it is the end of the evening and the group disbands ends when I stop speaking… I am bummed as if my topic caused the dispersion.

But at one point I looked at Chuck, and he had a glow as if his face was bathed in love. I remember that look among the monks in France at the monastery of Fontembault.

Afterward I talk further with Beth out by her car and realize how little I know about theology and Biblical Christianity and hope she will email me some of her answers to my concerns.

I realize everyone there has their own with which they struggle, mine is different and my own to wrestle. At some point I will have to dig somewhere else for my answers.

Beth shares that she has been attending an Episcopal Church and liking it. It dons on me that she will become an Episcopal Priest. She has that gift and it makes sense to me (more than her at the moment I am sure…)

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Sabbath Men & More Proofs. Today is 03/20/10 in Laguna Hills, CA.

Head to Laguna for a “Sabbath Men” group at Little Church by the Sea. But they are not there. Meeting was called off?

Head out for Los Angeles, glad to get a jump on the final proofing at PC Colour. Takes two hours in 5 Frwy. traffic.

Gary and I finalize color on proof strips containing 5×7 images of the files.

Although they close on Saturday at 2pm, we stay working until 4pm printing out the entire order at full size. Two images need to be brought back with me for specific corrections. I promise Gary mounting instructions and drive back via the slow and crammed with cars 5 Frwy.

Make dinner, watch T.V. (this is a commentary of its own which I will not wax upon in these loggings)

My Log is still down – there are problems at Media Temple and resolution will have to wait for Monday to talk with tech support for a fix.

Annette comes home from her trip to Arizona, still feeling sick. There is TheraFlu in the house.

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